Enamel - Minakari

Minakari or Enameling is one of the most glorious Iranian handicrafts. many experts find the process of enameling and engraving on dishes complicated, because creating a valuable work of art requires time, expertise and precision. If you want to know how the enameling, do not miss to read more.

1-Base selection

As mentioned earlier, different utensils are used for enameling or finishing. But what will be more important than the type of container is the base that is used for enameling.

Different types of enamel base include the following:

  • Copper
  • silver
  • Rice

Although in the past, enameling was also done on glass, tiles and ceramics, but now copper metal is the most popular. The reason for this is the two factors of flexibility and good formation of copper metal.

2-Surface glazing

At this stage, the surface of the dish is covered with white glaze and this is done by dipping the enamel dishes in white glaze. The container will then be placed in an oven with a temperature of at least 750 ° C.

Of course, this process is repeated several times and the reason for the high resistance of enamel containers to failure and cracking should be considered this stage of the production process.

If you are curious about the glaze used at this stage, we must say that it is a combination of silicon, magnesium, potassium, lead, feldspar, kaolin, zirconium, boric acid and tin.

3-Engraving on dishes

The metal body of the dish is ready for any kind of engraving after glazing. In general, this stage depends on the taste and creativity of the artist, what stunning designs and colors to use to make these dishes appear and create a work of art.

The colors that will be used in enameling are as follows:

  • Turquoise paint is made of turquoise rust, which is made of tin, lead crystal, flint and copper.
  • Yellow color, which is produced from iron oxide, tin oxide and lead oxide.
  • Green color, which is produced from lead chromate, copper and flint.
  • Blue paint, which is considered to be the most used paint in Minakari or Enamelling, is produced from cobalt oxide, zinc oxide and flint.

4-Put in the oven

After painting on the dishes, they are put back in the oven, which is heated to a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. The final color of these dishes is determined after leaving the oven.

Although in the past, mineral dyes were used to enliven these dishes, but today, chemical dyes are mostly used for painting and creating various patterns.

at the end

Based on what has been said, enameling is known as one of the types of handicrafts in Isfahan and Iran, whose stunning designs have a global reputation. There are different types of utensils that have gained an extraordinary effect due to enamel work and therefore are ideal for home decoration.

From table vases to framed plates are some of the works that give spirit to the interior decoration of your home. So if you are looking to make a fundamental change in your home, do not miss this original Iranian art in any way!



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