It is strange that the most beautiful flowers and the most fragrant roses of Iran come out of the heart of such a dry desert. Kashan is a city located 240 km from Tehran, in Isfahan province, in the central desert of Iran and has a hot, desert and dry climate.

Although the name of Kashan is associated with its historical monuments and desert climate, but this city is known for its Rosewater ceremony. A ritual that has been rooted in the culture of this city for centuries and the reputation of the quality of the roses obtained from this ceremony has reached beyond the world borders. This spring celebration, which sends more than 2 million tourists to Kashan’s flower gardens, starts in mid-May and continues until mid-June. The use of traditional methods for making rose water has distinguished this ceremony from other rose water making.

History of Kashan Rosewater

Antiquities discovered and a study of international documents show that roses and rose-making in Iran and Kashan have a long life. Although Iranians have been planting Mohammadi flowers for several thousand years and this flower is one of the native plants of Iran, but the ritual of rose picking started a thousand years ago and has opened its way to today’s world. To the extent that Kashan is now known as the center of rose making in the world and a large volume of rose production is exported abroad.

Traditional ceremonies of instrument and drum in Kashan rose making

In ancient times, this ceremony was held according to certain customs, and when they collected garden flowers, they took them to the rose-picking workshop with donkeys and instruments. Of course, in some parts of Kashan, according to previous rituals, the whole flowers of Niasar are still collected with camels, and according to the tradition of the last 140 years, roses are taken.

rose-making time in Kashan

Kashan rose-making ceremonies start from the middle of May, which means that this period is the best time to buy Kashan plane tickets because The fragrant scent of roses wafts through the back alleys of Kashan cities, and locals and tourists pick red roses together.

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