Customs are different in different regions of Iran because in Iran, due to its 2500-year-old history, there are different ethnic groups with different cultures.

Today we will introduce the traditional ritual of rolling baby in flower from Semnan province in Iran so stay tuned:

One of the most famous rituals in Semnan province and some neighboring desert cities is the ritual of rolling baby in flower, which is held for infants who are one year old. This ceremony is mostly organized by the baby’s close relatives such as mother, aunt, grandmother.

The traditional ritual of rolling baby in flower is held in other cities of Iran such as Kashan, Khorasan Razavi and Gonabad and it is 100 years old.

On the day of the ceremony, the women of the family go to the Damask rose gardens in the early morning and collect Damask rose to perform The traditional ritual of rolling baby in flower.

After collecting the flowers, all the flowers are Filling flowers and the razor and the petals are separated from the flowers and poured into a light (mostly white) cloth.

The baby is taken to the bath, which is basically done by the baby’s grandmother. After the bath, the baby’s body is dried, the baby is placed among the flowers on a cloth, and petals are dropped on the baby. The four sides of the cloth are then taken by the family members and the baby is rolling among the flowers.

At the end of the ceremony, guests are served with tea, sweets and syrup. The petals are dried in the shade by the baby’s mother after the ceremony and are kept for the baby’s future.

The reason for The traditional ritual of rolling baby in flower

According to the people of this region, rolling the baby among the Damask rose causes the baby to be cheerful and refreshed, and this action keeps the baby away from diseases and ugliness. The traditional ritual of rolling baby in flower protects the baby’s skin due to the freshness of the petals and keeps the baby fresh and smiling.

Wrapping babies in white cloth and rolling them in petals is like baptism in other religions. But this custom goes back to an old Iranian myth called the smiling flower, in which pure and holy humans promised the birth of a baby. The traditional ritual of rolling baby in flower meaning that a newborn baby brings blessings to his or her family.

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