Tabriz carpet is one of the most important and beautiful Iranian handicrafts, There are different types of Tabriz carpet designs and this, along with the quality of dye and wool, has made Tabriz carpet world famous. The World Carpet City is the title given to the city of Tabriz by the World Handicrafts Council. This city has a long history in weaving handmade carpets. Carpet weaving in Tabriz dates back to before the Safavid era and was one of the oldest and most famous centers of hand-woven carpet weaving in the world.

The raw materials used in Tabriz carpets were usually made of wool or silk, which produced very high quality carpets. Various patterns of original Iranian carpets are woven everywhere in Tabriz. The main categories are divided into geometric, flowers and bushes, fish and..

One of the reasons that make Tabriz carpet designs similar to other cities in carpet weaving is the strong economic relations with them. There are many fans and buyers of old Tabriz carpets; And the reason is the use of high quality colors used in Tabriz handmade carpets, which become softer and more beautiful and look better with the passage of time and more use.

Regarding the history of carpets in Tabriz, it can be said that according to the historical antiquity of this city, Certainly the art of carpet weaving in it dates back to before the Safavid era. In the second half of the fifteenth century and during the Safavid period, carpet changed from a rural state to an advanced court art.

Tabriz carpet weavers, receiving the taste of the people of Europe and the United States, began to weave carpets that were very interesting and occupied the markets of those countries. Tabriz is one of the most important weaving centers in Iran in the field of carpet weaving. Tabriz carpets, whether those that adorn the world’s prestigious museums or are included in the collection of avid collectors, or those that are on a large scale and in commercial quality in various markets around the world, are always lucky and customer-friendly.

Tabriz Historical Bazaar The most important place for supplying handmade carpets in Tabriz

The historical and covered bazaar of Tabriz is one of the oldest and most famous Iranian bazaars and has long been used as a place for trade in products and handicrafts of the city. Tabriz Bazaar is the tallest indoor market in the world and its name has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the meantime, the order of Tabriz carpet sellers is one of the most important orders of this ancient and spectacular market, and the extraordinarily beautiful Timcheh of Mozaffariyeh hosts the old rooms of carpet sales in this market.

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