Prince Mahan (Shazdeh Mahan or in Persian: شازده ماهان) Garden is a lush and pleasant garden in the heart of Kerman desert and one of the 9 famous Iranian gardens in the world. This historical and lush garden is a relic from the Qajar period and its construction was ordered by Mohammad Hassan Khan, Sardar Irvani and the ruler of Kerman at the time, and then during the time of the next ruler Abdul Hamid Mizra Nasser al-Dawlah between 1298 and 1309 AH, buildings were added and completed.

Prince Mahan Garden is one of the Iranian gardens inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

This prince is the same Abdul Hamid Mizra, the ruler of Kerman, who completed and built in this garden. There is also an interesting story about “Abdul Hameed Nasser al-Dawlah” and this garden, and it is said that when the news of his death reached the garden builder, he happily hit the plaster bucket he was holding firmly on the wall and left the work. If you pay close attention to your visit, you will notice that some parts of it lack decorations and details that indicate the abandonment of their construction, such as the empty space of the tiles that still show up at the entrance.

Prince Mahan Garden is one of the perfect Persian gardens and one of the best sloping gardens. One of the characteristics of such gardens is the unique and spectacular display of water in a stepped manner and in horizontal and vertical levels. The area of ​​this rectangular garden is about 5.5 hectares, which is 407 meters long and 122 meters wide and includes the entrance, bathroom, mansion, water supply network and pond, which are surrounded by a high fence and shines like a green jewel in the heart of the desert. It is eye-catching.

When you reach this garden, you will see a beautiful, two-story porch from which you can see the lush interior of the garden. Upstairs there are living and dining rooms. In the longitudinal direction of the garden, side entrances have been installed. After passing this part, you will enter the interior of the garden.

In the construction of Prince Mahan’s garden, bricks with thatch have been used. In some parts, such as the entrance, beautiful and eye-catching tiles can be seen. The wall of the garden is also covered with mud and is decorated with plaster in the places that reach the attic and the entrance.

For the flooring of Mahan Garden, rubble and mortar have been used, which are decorated with geometric patterns in the parts around the mansion and the entrance. The stairs and the edges of the gardens are made of bricks and the joints between the plots and the footpaths are made of stone.

One of the most important attractions of this garden is the presence of streams and towering trees that have created a beautiful contrast between the desert. You may be interested in how this development is possible in the heart of the desert? The water that flows in this garden is supplied from the aqueduct and the Tigran River, which originates from the snow of the heights of Mount Jopar.

Where is Prince Mahan Garden?

Prince Mahan’s garden is located in the heart of the Irene Desert and is one of the sights of Kerman, which is located near this city and two kilometers east of Mahan city in Kerman province. This beautiful and lush garden has been built in the foothills of the Tigran Mountains and is a destination for many tourists due to its pleasant climate.

Access route to Prince Mahan (Shazdeh Mahan or in Persian: شازده ماهان) Garden :

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