Today, modern style has replaced traditional and old designs in our homes, and most apartments have cool and limited colors with simple and secluded decor. Homes no longer have blue walls, red carpets, colorful patterned tiles, large colorful windows, and old-fashioned décor. But fortunately, traditional decoration and works of art and handicrafts have become popular again for several years, and we are witnessing the presence of traditional elements in modern decoration. The combination of traditional and modern decoration can connect you with the memories of the past and revive the forgotten style and traditions for you.

The use of Iranian handicrafts in decorating the home has a significant effect, such as beautiful dishes of turquoise, inlay copper and copper processing, which has a special effect on the beauty of the environment. In this article, we review interior decoration design with Iranian handicrafts and decorative arts.

Combining traditional and modern with traditional Iranian tiles

Tiling is one of the original Iranian arts that you must have seen on the walls and ceilings of mosques and many religious places. Tiles are present in old houses and local architecture and you have to find them in the entrance house, garden pond and waterway, life, kitchen and bathroom of the old Iranian house.

One of the attractive ideas for combining traditional and modern decoration is the use of tiles in the interior design of the house. These days, tiles can not be used in the same way as in the decoration of modern spaces, and you have to adopt newer methods. Our first suggestion is to use traditional tiles for the back wall of cabinets and sinks. Known in interior design as backsplash, this wall is an interesting option for decorating the kitchen with traditional tiles. You can use tiles to bring a variety of original and traditional Iranian designs to your home and combine it with your modern wooden cabinets. Surely such an idea will create a very wonderful feeling for all the spaces of the house.

In addition, you can use traditional tiles as part of the floor of the house and create a cozy and attractive living space for yourself.

Furniture and decorative accessories

Furniture is usually a large part of the decoration of any home and has a direct impact on the mood of your living space. You can combine your new furniture style with Iranian traditional decorative accessories and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for yourself. For example, you can use a variety of handmade kilims and jajims and cushions with traditional designs to decorate your sofa.

Turquoise Inlaying (FIROOZEH KOOBI)

Turquoise Inlaying is one of the methods of decorating copper utensils in a completely artistic way. Although this beautiful art is not very old, but it has a lot of fans inside and outside the country. Turquoise dishes are made by putting together unusable pieces of turquoise, which gluing these pieces on copper dishes creates a unique masterpiece that gives a very attractive view to the surroundings. Turquoise is one of the handicrafts of Iran and souvenirs of Isfahan, which is also a very attractive gift. Experienced and specialized masters have been used to perform turquoise stamping and the result is impressive dishes that you see in the market. The variety of products of this art is great and all kinds of copper and turquoise dishes are made in different dimensions.

Khatam Kari (Persian Marquetry)

Khatam Kari is another original Iranian handicraft that is performed on various objects and one of the most popular is copper. In this art, tiny triangles are drawn next to each other in a completely artistic way, and the more delicate and tiny these triangles are, the more the effect of the work will be. Inlaying on copper utensils has become very popular today and you will see many utensils that are known as copper and inlay utensils. The art of Khatam Kari is world-renowned and has received high orders from inside and outside the country. Wood carving is also very famous and has a wonderful view.

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