According to the Persians, Nowruz, The first day of existence is the beginning of the universe. Iranian thought considers Nowruz as the beginning of life and attributes the beginning of every important phenomenon to this day. Iranians celebrate every beginning, and Nowruz is the greatest beginning and the greatest celebration, with the most authentic traditions and eternal ceremonies.

The beginning of the glorious ceremony of Nowruz dates back to the reign of Jamshid Shah. It is said that during his reign he played a great role in the development of Iran and the peace of the people from the invasion of foreigners.

Jamshid (Persian: جمشید‎, Jamshīd) is one of the mythological kings of Iran and is very old. His name is mentioned in Avesta and Pahlavi texts and texts of the Islamic era. In Iranian myths, hard and great works have been attributed to him.

Various myths have been told in ancient Iran about this national holiday, and today I will focus on the character of Haji Firooz:

Hajji Firuz (Persian: حاجی فیروز‎ – Hājji Firuz – Firuz is the Arabized version of the Persian word piruz, meaning ‘victor’) is a legendary figure in Iranian folklore who comes to the cities in the first days of each year with Uncle Nowruz to announce the arrival of Nowruz to the people. He is a slender, dark-skinned man with a spindle hat, pointed shoe, and a red robe who takes to the streets dancing, making sweets, and singing a percussion song.

The sound of his singing is similar to the songs that are played in the passages at Christmas, and its message is to congratulate everyone on Nowruz. Haji always has a happy face, and that is why he is popular.

Mehrdad Bahar, a prominent Iranian mythologist, connects Haji Firooz with the ancient celebrations of Siavash. Siavash himself is a symbol of resurrection or “rebirth”. According to legend, Siavash is reborn through fire. In mythological stories, there are narrations about the plant growing from Siavash’s blood, which is known as “Persiavshan”. Haji Firooz’s red dress is a symbol of turning to happiness and shows a great change in life. Haji Firooz reminds us of the joy of the beginning of the new year.

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