Eram Garden (Persian: باغ ارم) is located in the northwest of Shiraz. Although the exact date of the construction of Eram Garden in Shiraz is not known, but according to written travelogues, the garden flourished in the 10th and 11th centuries AH and many stories have been told about the Eram Garden and the reason for its construction. According to authentic historical documents, this garden was built during the Seljuk period and by the order of Sultan Sanjar, but this was not the end of the work, and in later centuries, the rulers of Shiraz restored its various parts.

During the Qajar period and during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, this garden became part of the royal property and was given to the rulers of Shiraz, and another mansion was built by Hussein Ali Khan Nasir al-Mulk.

Eram Garden is one of the Iranian gardens inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Two unique features of Eram Garden in Shiraz are the diversity of vegetation and its type of architecture. In the architecture of Chehelston Garden from the capitals of Persepolis, Zandieh style of architecture in the building of the mansion and in the decoration of the building are inspired by the paintings of Ferdowsi Shahnameh and colorful tiles.

One of the main parts of Eram Garden, apart from the arboricultures and gardens and the flowers and plants that can be seen everywhere, is the thousand-year-old cypress and the other is the mansion in the middle of the garden. A mansion that is considered one of the masterpieces of the Qajar period.

Paintings from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and the battle of the Qajars, tiling and plastering, along with the tiling of the central porch, the example of which is not seen in other buildings of the Qajar period, has made this three-story building even more beautiful. The columns of this mansion are inspired by Persepolis and the stone inscriptions in the corners of the garden are a relic of Nasir al-Molk, the architect of the building.

It is said that if you want to feel the beauty of this garden and the clear water and blue color of its pond, choose the morning to go to Eram Garden, when the sun has made the water and all the colors shine more. You can spin in the garden and then sit on one of its benches and immerse yourself in all the beauty around it, or treat yourself to a Shirazi ice cream or faloodi, ginger syrup and orange spring that they sell in a corner of the garden.

It is suggested that when you go to see the beautiful garden of Eram Shiraz, visit Shiraz Vakil and Handicrafts Bazaar. Here are some of the most famous handicrafts of Shiraz :

Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, Iran, located in the historical center of the city. It is thought that the market was established in the 11th century AD, and was renamed after Karim Khan Zand only in the 18th century.

Shiraz Carpet

One of the most valuable handicrafts and souvenirs that can be bought during a trip to Shiraz is Shiraz carpet. In each of the cities of Iran, carpets are woven in a special way, and Shiraz also has a special type of carpet, which is different from other carpets in other Iranian cities due to the type of knots, the way of weaving and its type.

Rug (Persian Kilim)

Another souvenir that has enjoyed great success among tourists is the Shiraz kilim. The kilim is woven from silk, goat hair and sheep wool or other domesticated animals and sometimes without a plan and mentally. The wool yarns of the kilim are dyed with vegetable dyes. It is interesting to know that one of the types of kilims in Fars province is called Rand.

Colored fabrics of nomads

Another souvenir that will surely catch your eye in Shiraz is the colorful fabrics of Persian nomads. One of the best places in Shiraz to buy these attractive fabrics is Vakil Bazaar.


After buying the fabrics of the Persian nomads, what is your opinion about buying the giveh of Shiraz ?! “Giveh” A cool and light shoe that can be a good choice for hot summer days.

Access route to Eram Garden (Persian: باغ ارم) :

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